Top 50 Irish Acts - Part 1 [41 - 50]

This week [Monday - Friday] I'm counting down my Top 50 artists in my humble opinion at this moment in time. The artists are to have released an album/ep or played a gig since Jan 2009 in order to qualify for the list.

41. A Plastic Rose

The band from equal parts Sligo and Belfast have been featured many times already this year on the blog. Their alternative rock sound coupled with the vocal harmonies of the two singers mean A Plastic Rose is essential listening.

<a href="">Kids Don't Behave Like This by A Plastic Rose</a>

42. Garry O'Brien

Garry from Ballymun is one great songwriter, guitarist and singer. His performance in Boyles in January was one of the best I've heard in the time we've done the gigs up there. Garry hopes to have his debut album ready for release by the end of the year.

43. Pete Courtney

Back in 2001 Pete Courtney was busy making waves in the Irish Music Scene but I only discovered Pete's music in the last few years. In 2005 he had his second album ready to release but he shelved it. Pete is putting the finishing touches to that elusive second album and hopes to release soon!

44. Valerie Francis

Valerie produced a great debut album last year and is included here because I keep listening to 'Slow Dynamic' regularly!

45. Dayo

Dayo is a jazzy folk singer who has this wonderful folk singing voice which reminds me in many ways of 'Astral Weeks' era Van Morrison. Dayo's debut album is also nearly ready for release.

46. Brendan O'Shea

I seen Brendan live for the first time nearly a year ago at the Live Mic gig in the Wicklow Mountains. He was a wonderful entertainer because of his great songs and all round personality on stage. His two albums are wonderful and should be checked out!

47. Bobby Noonan

Bobby writes some lovely tunes and is an all round sound bloke. He has formed a band called Fat Baby Panda which brings an extra dimension to his well crafted songs. He is going to support Mick Flannery in Dolans on April 9th!

48. Entheos

Entheos are a cross between the tradition fusion sound of Kila and grunge! Brian's voice brings the grunge rock sound but the acoustics and violin brings out the fusion sound. A must see live band.

49. BellaJane

Recently reviewed on the blog the sound of BellaJane's debut EP is enough to sneak into the top 50. I do find it difficult to describe really great music. Sarah Jane's voice is just so pleasant to listen to and the songs are quality.

50. Andy Delamere

Andy plays with The Lonely Schizophenic but don't let that put you off checking him out!!!!! Looking at the first batch of ten artists, I have chosen artists who have wonderful unique voices and Andy is one of them. His style reminds me a lot of 70's era Patti Smith!


Nat_A_Lie said…
I am as yet unfamiliar with any of these acts' work except Brendan O'Shea. And I have to say that Brendan is a class act indeed!