Class of 2014 - Ceol Collective's Top 20 Songs of the Year

Top 20 Songs of 2014
Voted by various members of the Collective
In Alphabetical Order, these songs gave us aural pleasure in 2014. Do yourself a favour and check out these great Irish acts. 

Abandcalledboy - Cliff Richard
Abel Archer - The Descent
August Wells - Here in the Wild
Damien Rice - Trusty & True
Delorentos - Forget The Numbers
Fox Jaw - Hijack
Ghost Maps - The Ocean and a Lover
Hail The Ghost - Headstoned
Hozier - In A Week
I Draw Slow - Valentine
Kiernan McMullan - Can't Stand Still
Marc O'Reilly - Lighthouse
My Fellow Sponges - Floating
Rackhouse Pilfer - Fallen Leaves
Ray Scully - Let's Blow This Town Tonight
Shouting At Planes - Can't Keep Up
Stephen Sharpe - Tipperary Song
Travis Oaks - Last Love Song
Val Normal - Chewy Hair
Youth Mass - In Slow Motion

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year