Blog Co-operation: Irish Sound of 2012

For a forth year running, Ronan over at Swear I'm Not Paul and myself have been working on creating a list of 10 12 [for 2012] Irish acts in alphabetical order who we believe will make considerable progress towards world domination in the coming 12 months. Ronan picked five six acts and I picked five six acts ready to invade your music world in 2012.

Ana Gog

Dublin based band Ana Gog write songs that bring to mind an Irish ‘TV on the Radio’. Ana Gog seem to be bringing the mature sound of bands like Genesis and Peter Gabriel into the 21st Century. Their debut album is ready to be released very soon and it’s going to create a storm at home and abroad.

A Study Of Her Painted Face by anagogmusic

Bona Fide Federation

The fusion of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical and Adele-esque vocals is what Bone Fide Federation is all about. The result is a spectacular sound which doesn’t fail to impress. Catch the band in The Grand Social on Thursday 12th January with the excellent Henrietta Game in support.

Night Train by bonafidefederation

Come on Live Long

After a solid start with their self-titled EP, Come on Live Long ended 2011 with the phenomenal Mender, announcing them as one of Ireland's brightest new talents. Drawing inspiration from a variety of genres, their much-anticipated debut album could easily be the best Irish album of2012.

Elephants and Time by Come On Live Long

Girl Band

Girl Band are another of these artists whose name is totally misleading. Four Dublin guys make up the Louis Walsh-managed act. No wait, Louis has nothing to do with them. They don't make pop, but raucous rock that would surely make Simon Cowell reach for the earplugs.

Twelves by girlband

Hermitage Green

This Limerick band fuse Rock and Folk together and along with pitch perfect harmonies create a fresh sound which has already led to the band getting invitations to tour America and Europe. The band have the guts of a debut album recorded and have begun getting radio play for their new single ‘Gibson’.

HermitageGreen-Gibson by Hermitage Green

Late Fragments

The Dublin pop-rockers formed in 2009, and gained a strong following through their electric live shows. That fanbase helped fund their debut EP, and got them a spot at Electric Picnic, but they haven't been seen around for a while, preferring to hone their craft in the studio. Hopefully 2012 will see them back on the road, and maybe even a debut album.

Lecs Luther

The title 'Dia Dhuit' doesn't indicate that the music contained within could be hip-hop, but that's exactly what Dublin teen Lecs Luther is making, wonderful celtic-fused hip-hop, and catching the attention of many rap fans across the Atlantic.

Lecs Luther - Luther by FirstSecond Label


Arriving on the scene with an air of my stique, no-one knew who the Siobhan Kavanagh and Aiden Norris fronted band. Despite having no idea who they were, anyone who heard their Portishead-inspired tracks was instantly enthralled. The final, finished debut album, Guides, is set to be released this year.

Marc O’Reilly

Marc finds himself on this list because we believe 2012 will see Marc do what Villagers, James Vincent McMorrow and Lisa Hannigan have done and that is to make it internationally. Marc gets his UK launch at the end of Feb supported by some tour dates and then travels to Toronto in March for gigs at Canadian Music Week. His debut album released last Summer ‘My Friend Marx’ is a wonderful collection of meaningful songs which are beautifully sung.

12 F.O.O. by Salt and Shake Records

Mossy Nolan

Galwegian musician Mossy Nolan has been a member of The Lazy Band and Lisa O’Neill’s touring band for a number of years. Mossy lists the likes of Andy Irvine, Planxty, and Sean Tyrell as influences and this shines through on his songs. 2012 will see Mossy release his debut album which will showcase his spectacular vocals and song writing abilities.

The Wild Mountain Thyme by Mossy Nolan


'Liars Call Me King' was the best opening track to a debut EP since Bloc Party's 'Banquet', and like the British rockers, these guys know their way around a thumping bassline and a roaring riff. These guys are only five songs old, but each one is great. Will they ever match 'Liars...'? Who knows, but it'll be interesting to see what happens.

SPIES - Liars Call Me King by spiesdublin

Words That Burn

With a few exceptions Ireland doesn’t do ‘Hard Rock’ very well. Dundalk band ‘Words That Burn’ are aiming to change that with a big sound full of impact that will satisfy both the Pearl Jam and Pantera sides of the Hard Rock genre!

I am sickness by WORDS THAT BURN