Sunday, 14 December 2008

Adrian Crowley - Long Distance Swimmer

God I feel dirty doing this but if you go here....

before Thursday you can download the excellent Adrian Crowley album Long Distance Summer for the recession busting amount of nowt!

17 Dec 2008 20:00 Dolans (with Cathy Davey) Limerick
18 Dec 2008 20:00 Electric Avenue (with Cathy Davey) Waterford
21 Dec 2008 20:00 Cyprus Avenue (with Cathy Davey) Cork
22 Dec 2008 20:00 Tripod (with Cathy Davey) Dublin
27 Dec 2008 20:00 Roisin Dubh (with Cathy Davey) Galway
22 Jan 2009 20:00 Crawdaddy (with James Yorkston) Dublin
23 Jan 2009 20:00 Speakeasy (with James Yorkston) Belfast
24 Jan 2009 20:00 Roisin Dubh-Upstairs (with James Yorkston) Galway
25 Jan 2009 20:00 Cyprus Avenue (with James Yorkston) Cork

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Rebeca said...

A few days ago, as we prepared for the Tour of Ireland, Lance told me he was going to need a little help in Dublin – he wanted to go on another ride, and wondered where would be best to do it. As we discussed the pros and cons of various routes, I had to ask him: why are you doing this?

He paused for a moment, smiled, and said, “Because it brings people together. For years I’ve trained and raced with other professionals and there was this image that sure, we can all ride bikes but we’d never actually get the chance to ride together.